Retrofono Records and Stereo

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Stereo Recording Milestones:

1880s   The emergence of artificial stereo sound

1930s   Modern stereo research begins

1950s   Expensive commercial two-track stereo
              on prerecorded reel-to-reel magnetic tape

1958     Commercial mass-produced stereo records,
              players, and jukeboxes appear

With affordable stereo equipment available to the audiophile down to the occasional listener, the record buying public enthusiastically embraced this new sound sensation. Unfortunately for stereo lovers, many high fidelity recordings were monophonic. Modern computer technology can make this a thing of the past.

RetroFono Records is a devoted group of stereo enthusiasts, eager to challenge the limitations of bygone recording technology. Our goal is to bring selected mono and stereo recordings into high quality stereo sound. RetroFono Records offers an outstanding STEREO experience for vintage mono and stereo recordings.

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